• Conchetta Marano-Johnson

Why is it important to keep your lashes clean

Why is it important to keep your lashes clean?

For longer lasting lashes! Our lashes are designed to protect our eyes from oils, dirt, and outdoor debris. When eyelash extensions are applied they are attached to our single natural lash one at a time with a strong adhesive. Living everyday life things like oils, dirt, and outdoor debris are EVERYWHERE! They tend to build up on our lashes and if not cleaned on a daily basis it will result in our beautiful lash extension to fall off much more quickly! How can all that aid in premature shedding? Oily makeup and facial products, dust, and microscopic dirt in the environment eats away at the lash adhesive that’s attaching your extension and making it weak then BOOM you extension falls off!! So if you keep your lashes clean and follow all of your Lash Techs After Care instructions you will love your lashes and your lashes will look as good as new when you arrive for you Lash Fill ❤️



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